Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blog Highlight

I must admit that I am absolutely, unabashedly, addicted to The Selby. For anyone who hasn't been there yet, it's a whimsical look into the lives and living spaces of some of the most creative, cluttered, and often chic people on the planet. I could (and have) spend hours on the site looking through pages of fun, vivid pictures of these unique spaces!

Also one of the best parts of the Selby is the pictures of beautiful closets, that for a closet junkie like me, are heaven!
...and more importantly, shoes
Go check out the Selby right now, I promise you'll get addicted just like me!


  1. Thanks, I'll most definitely check her out!

  2. hi~ sorry to bother you, but... would you mind giving up the name of your site?... i see that you're not using this blog anymore and i really want the link to be exacly like the name of my blog... So.. if you see this and you accept... Please change your link with something else.. Thank you in advance!!

  3. Looks like a great site. Love the shoe closets.